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Our Expertise

SaJa Political Solutions, LLC is a political consulting firm that provides a variety of consulting services to elected officials, aspiring political leaders, community-based organizations, think tanks, and community activist. We specialize in the areas described below. As a company, we are most proud of our reputation for integrity, professionalism, and inclusiveness. We are committed to providing the highest quality of political services and analytics to our clients. We provide credible, data-driven information to our constituencies. We are unique from similar businesses because we are women of color who offer an Afrocentric perspective to issues that affect disadvantaged communities.

Public Outreach & Engagement

Organizing and engaging citizens should be the core of every political campaign, in addition to building sustainable practices and governing methods. SaJa Political Solutions aims to build relationships between grass-root organizations and political figures to influence legislative and regulatory processes. This relationship is to assist elected official(s) understand the community in which they want to serve. With the understanding that the decisions made at the local, state and federal level impact individuals, SaJa, works with many entities in the community to ensure that citizens have the opportunity to weigh in on policies and other legislature that will impact their communities. 

Needs Assessments

A needs assessment is a process used by organizations on various levels to determine what it needs to do to improve its current state. More specifically, the process outlines what processes a workplace should prioritize, improve or give more resources to help it fulfill its mission, vision, and meet its goals. SaJa will conduct a thorough assessment an identify the stage at which organization is in, according the organizational life cycle. As a result we will provide recommendations that address issues identified and outline clear indicators for success. 

Policy Analysis, Development and Evaluation
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